Do you believe the 4-minute mile myth?

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If you’re a sports buff, you may be familiar with the story of Roger Bannister and the 4-minute mile.

And you also may be familiar with a popular myth that’s sprouted up around Mr. Bannister’s feat.

Here’s the myth: The previous record of 4:01.4 was set in 1945. And for nine years the record was ‘stuck’ there. Just 1.4 seconds away from the big 4:00:00 barrier!

People started believing it was impossible to break a 4-minute mile.

Then Bannister broke the barrier in 1954.

And six weeks later John Landy also ran under 4:00!

And since then over 1,000 men have run the mile in under 4:00!

Therefore, the myth says, this was not a PHYSICAL barrier, but a PSYCHOLOGICAL barrier that had to be broken. Once Bannister broke the PSYCHOLOGICAL barrier, then others believed they could do it too.

It makes for a nice story.

But it doesn’t hold water.

As, Ross Tucker of The Science of Sport points out, it was a training and technology barrier more than a psychological barrier.

Bannister worked with “pace setters” who pushed him to run faster. This was not a common practice at the time.

In fact, Landy only broke the barrier after he started doing the same thing!

Also, synthetic tracks were invented around this time. Landy’s first sub-4-minute mile was on one of these tracks ‘after years of running on slower tracks in Australia.

Care to guess how many sub-4-minute miles have been run on synthetic tracks?

Over 500!

So, sure, psychological issues may have had something to do with breaking the barrier ‘but it sure seems like advanced training and technology had a LOT more to do with it.

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