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How to Get Free Traffic on Small Budget

Online Marketing on a Small Budget

Marketing is one of the single most important things you need to do to succeed in the business world. The problem? It can use a lot of cash to make it work. For an entrepreneur just getting started, marketing budgets can often be practically non-existent.  The challenge is how to get free traffic online. Fortunately, the age of the Internet has made it easier to run a full-scale marketing campaign with very little cost up front. Here we’ve put together a list of ways you can utilize online marketing resources, often for free. Yep, FREE!

Online Review Sites

Making sure your business is listed on online review sites is important. Not just for traffic and product sales, but for ensuring your online reputation stays positive. The following sites are some of the most influential review sites out there that will show you how to get free traffic online.

  • Google My Business Page: Setting up a page here will get your business on Google Search, Maps and Google+, as well as allow customers to review your business. Local business reviews usually receive high rankings in the search results, giving you some great, free results, and extra real estate on the FIRST page of the search.
  • Bing Places: Setting up a page here will get your business on Bing Search, Maps and other Bing products, as well as allow customers to review your business and shows results for Facebook as well. Again Local business reviews usually receive high rankings in the search results, giving you some great free results.
  • Yahoo: Yahoo offers local businesses the option to get a basic business listing in its directory. Listings are incorporated with other of their products like reviews, maps, and events. And yes, it’s free.
  • Yelp: Since it’s the biggest online review site, creating a Yelp listing is definitely worth it. It gets you in front of the site’s more than 140 million monthly users and, it’s free.
  • Quora: Answer peoples questions, ask targeted questions become an expert in your field/s
  • Stumbleupon: sharing content, getting followings, involvement in your key word areas & paid areas further here>>

Social Media Marketing

Industry Groups: Choose two or three groups in your business’ industry on Facebook and LinkedIn. By offering advice and support, you help establish yourself as an expert in your field. You can even take it a step further and create your own groups. Eventually, these outlets will build your reputation and drive sales. Facebook: If you haven’t already signed up with social media platform, Facebook is probably one of the best places to start. Since its inception, Facebook has been in the fore front of social media advancements and has developed and perfected a number of tools for small businesses. Join some Facebook advertising, MLM, and other groups of interest & post in them on a regular basis Interact with pages that like your page, occasionally like some posts, and share some of them on your page’s time line if relevant.

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Twitter: This platform has proven to be a powerful, platform for immediate information. By studying and following people in your industry or expertise, you will quickly learn, some dos and don’ts figure out the best way to use it, then set up your own feed and start to Tweet. You’ll soon learn which tweets people like and what is engaging for your industry so don’t spend weeks or months analyzing what works for others get started as soon as you can. I’m confident you’ll work it out quickly, check the statistics to see what is working. Like Facebook like the posts of parties you are interested in, retweet suitable content that your followers will like. Don’t over do #tags. Avoid random follows.

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LinkedIn: The fastest growing and most influential professional platform online, LinkedIn has done for Professional Media what Facebook did for Social Media. Set up an account to meet, engage and, connect with other professionals about jobs, careers, and branding. Join interest groups and offer advice or content that will eventually have people asking your opinion YouTube: Visual marketing, especially in the form of video, is still at the top when it comes marketing. With YouTube, this form is now more accessible. Use it to tell a story, showcase your personality, or demonstrate a product without having to pay for ad time on TV. You can be as casual or formal as you want, as long as you are ready to be on camera. To get more views on YouTube transcribe content into a blog on your website, then place a link on Facebook and share it, rinse & repeat in LinkedIn.

Monitor Brand Mentions: It’s now easier to keep up with what’s happening. Using a social listening tool like Social Mention to monitor and contribute to conversations happening in your industry will help you stay current on trends without having to spend every hour surfing postings. Also set some google alerts on topics which are of interest, mentions of key words and the like. Did you know that agencies charge over 6 figures for their branding, public relations, and social media services? Blogging: In addition to your own blog, find other blogs and websites within your industry and create Guest posts. Comment thoughtfully on blogs and then leave your website URL in the appropriate field, just be sure to use your real name or business name, not keyword-rich anchor text. Noticing others will get you noticed as well. Installing a free social sharing plugin on your blog, like Share Buttons, makes it easy for your readers to share your posts and increase your audience.

Other Ways to Get Yourself Noticed

Hold free webinars on your site: If you’ve researched this prospect before but decided it would be too expensive, consider some of these alternatives. WordPress has a webinar plugin called WebinarIgnition, with a one-time cost of $USD97 for unlimited webinars with unlimited attendees. Or, you can utilize your Facebook account, page or group and do a Facebook Live event. Landing pages can be good to create interest in your webinar here is an example of a landing page where you can learn more about webinars and then register to watch a webinar Join Forums and Answer Questions: These days there are multiple forums out there for just about anything. Take the time to make meaningful contributions to conversions by providing real assistance to those posting the questions. This will get the attention of other readers and make them more inclined find out more about you. You can get started on sites like Quora, where real people are looking for answers to questions. Search the site for relevant questions you can answer intelligently. Groups in your local area such Meetup can good to meet other people.

HARO (Help A Reporter Out): Sign up and get free PR by responding to relevant media queries. This will turn into free mentions and links in publications like Huffington Post, Forbes more. and

Source BottleA free online service that connects journalists with sources, people looking for experts to interview, you might even be able to get a chapter in a book  and become an author.

Podcasts:  Early on this might  be problematic but if you have broadcast knowledge and are a confident speaker this another way to develop a following. If your not too knowledgeable then you might be able to get an interview with Podcast experts interested in your expertise.

  • Produce your own show to grow your business
  • Produce shows for clients to earn $3,000 a month
  • Join the location independent community
  • Cultivate skills which will pay off in all aspects of web development
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Books and eBooks: Anyone can be an author and publish now. Whether it’s about business or, choosing the best wine, you can create an eBook simply and for free. Just input your content into chapters using MS Word. Add some images and links, edit, review and spell check. Then save it as a PDF and you have an eBook. Post it on your website, blog or offer it in exchange for a person’s email address, aiding you in growing your email database. Outsourcing:  This can mean you can hire people with expertise that you don’t have to do things more cheaply, or even have them  do things you cant do. Sites like Fiverr. Free Pictures: From sites such as Unsplash: Beautiful Free Images, Pixabay Free Images – Free Stock Photos  to liven up your blog, website or email By now you may be experiencing the feeling that the room is spinning out of control, knowing that there are so many options out there that you can implement. Not to worry. Look at the list and narrow it down to 2-3 options you are really excited about. Once you have them under your belt, move on to a few more. Ready…Set…Go!!! LinkCollider is the only website ranking tool that uses social media sites to improve SEO and increase website traffic as well as your primary source of likes, tweets, subscribers, followers & blog posts. You can have free traffic or pay for it. – massive traffic exchange, 1:1 exchange ratio, Innovative referral program. It’s all absolutely FREE

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Some Free tools

Do you have a website that isn’t loading fine on your computer, getting a website error message on your computer.

  • Is the website down?
  • is there a virus on your computer?

then check out these free tools – some things you can try which might just save the day a lot of stress and heart ache.

Having trouble seeing the your sites please try the following

  • Clear all cookies/history in your browser
  •  Restart your PC and Internet modem
  • Flush your local DNS cache
  • For Windows, run the command ‘ipconfig /flushdns’
  • Also, try with different ISP’s

    GeoPeeker – What Can GeoPeeker Do?

  • Peek Results – See how a site appears to the rest of the world View Regional Differences Use GeoPeeker to ensure that your site is displaying region-specific content.
  • Site Availability There is no better tool for answering the age-old question: Is it down for just me, or everybody?
  • Advanced Peeks Create an advanced peek and customize resolutions, render delay, user-agent settings, and peek locations.
  • Check Global DNS With GeoPeeker you can make sure that your DNS updates are propagating properly and keep track of changes over time
  • Troubleshooting Info: In addition to providing site source code, GeoPeeker can also tell you the ping timings of your site from various points of presence around the globe.
  • Full-featured API

Check the SSL Certificate On Your Site

  • Great little tool to checkout the validity of your SSL Certificate


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