How to Build Landing Pages in WordPress

How to Build Landing Pages in WordPress,

How to Build Landing Pages in WordPress

No previous experience with WordPress is needed.
Say Hello to the New Editor.
It’s a whole new way to use WordPress. 

Building Customized Landing Pages in WordPress

Building customized landing pages within WordPress may the old-fashioned approach. WordPress now allows you to simply just build a custom page templates within your theme you have. Then you do whatever needs to be done in your template, a new picture, restyle or rewrite your call to action and much more.

Easiest way to build a custom page template in WordPress in the old style would have been to copy the default page PHP template and edit CSS and HTML components to get the desired design or structure. These days if you can create something in a Word processor like Word then you can easily duplicate without using too much code if any WordPress website.

Plugins to Build Landing Pages

Plugins are probably the best way to go if you, particularly if your starting out, do not want to worry about using the html codes. For more complex things if happen you to need html code you can find your html code cheat sheet here

Unfortunately, there aren’t many free landing page builder plugins out there. And the few free ones often have in-plugin purchases or limited features. There is, however, one free plugin that has all the features you need to build a functional landing page in WordPress. It’s among the top landing page plugins (see below).

Plugins to Build your Landing Pages in WordPress

  • WordPress Landing Pages Plugin

The video above gives you great insights to the plugin to how to build landing pages in WordPress Landing Pages plugin. Which is an easy-to-use plugin that has all the basic features you need to build a functional landing page. It has a number of free templates, allows you to create columns, contact forms, split test (a/b testing) your landing pages, as well as collecting individual statistics to track and measure conversions for your landing pages.The WordPress Landing Pages plugin allows you to integrate it into the Theme Builder, add integration to your favourite email responder and more. You can quickly customize any elements you chose.

All in all, it is a good option if you are on a budget  or just starting out and don’t want to invest in a more complex landing page plugin.

  • Elementor Website or Landing Pages Plugin – Elementor’s Free version offers limitless design possibilities for general pages and landing pages on your website. Elementor Pro, however, empowers you with more professional tools that speed up your workflow, and allow you to get more conversions and sales. See full comparison here.
  • Visual Composer Website Builder Plugin – Free plugin is a drag and drop that gives you the power, speed, and ease you always wanted to create your website and landing pages. No coding needed. The premium version has even more options .
  • Thrive Landing Pages Plugin & theme – a paid theme drag & drop editor that is easy to create and edit landing pages. It has a large number of templates to choose from.
  • Beaver Builder page builder plugin & theme – paid theme Building easy as dragging and dropping is simply a drag & drop page theme builder, with less templates to choose from.
  • OptimizePress page builder plugin & theme – wide range of templates and a powerful drag & drop editor to quickly create the landing page you need.

No previous experience with WordPress is needed.
Say Hello to the New Editor for some it is Easier – but I don’t recommend it.
It’s a whole new way to use WordPress. 


Online Landing Page Builders

This where you build your landing page on and are hosted on the servers of provider of the services

Leadpages is one of these online landing page builder – It has a centralized editor and your landing pages are hosted on Leadpages servers. Like the plugins, you can easily and quickly create or publish a landing page. All you need to do is choose a template, customize it (through the drag & drop page builder) which is published on their servers.

There are many of these online page builder available but most will most certainly won’t be free. Sites like MailChimp, GetResponse, and other that started as email autoresponders often also offer landing pages as part of their offering. As AI improves these offering will continue to improve ease of use.

Use Landing Page Theme Builders

Some WordPress themes can be quite restrictive when it comes to design and structure. Other themes also have landing pages and sales page templates built in. These offer A/B testing, statistics and so on, of course some of the paid themes offer more option then free themes.

Advanced theme builders offer the drag and drop builders and visual editing. Enabling you to customize every and any design aspect of any page. Usually these interfaces are also very easy to use after little bit of experimentation. There are those who will get it easily others of you may need training on how to use them. Before paying for training please check out the theme providers documentation and videos for answers to your questions or failing that check out their social media groups when looking for free support. Youtube will often have a video which will explain the aspect that you need anwsers for.

There many great drag & drop theme builders available (just do a search on your favourite search engine). A starting point would be to checkout Ithemes Divi, and the plugin and themes above which can be used to build your complete website including landing pages.

What is your conclusion?

So, how to build landing pages in WordPress, do you need a  variety of landing pages  then creating templates or using templates already created within the plugins, themes on your website would be highly recommended to you. Creating custom theme sales and landing page templates is more complex. The more experienced you become this will become easier and it will save you time and make your work much easier.

So now all you have to do is choose the method that works best for you and your business and start collecting, cultivating and converting leads into sales!  How hard can it be? Right!

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No previous experience with WordPress is needed. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to create a WordPress site or who would like to expand their knowledge on the subject.


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