Investing in Crypto Currency

Investing in Crypto Currency

A couple of the most important questions to ask yourself

  1. Do you believe that Bitcoin & Crypto Currency industry is here to stay and grow?
  2. How are you going to get involved?

Main Options available to Involved in Crypto Currency

  • Buy & Hold (may be high risk) – similar to buying a share & hoping it will rise value
  • Become a Active trader – need become a specialist some skill required although some are now automated
  • Auto Trader – system does it for you without personal involvement
  • Mining of Crypto Currencies – buy your own machines, cloud mining (renting the infrastructure)
    • Join and share mining returns
  • Buying or collecting FREE Tokens – the stage before ICO
  • Getting involved in ICO’s – start ups  like any startup whether a normal business or a crypto coin business the risk is higher
  • Profit from the overall growth of the entire industry
  • Just use the coin to buy goods & service – no chance of improvement low risk
  • Work in the industry – have JOB – software, hardware development


The following information provided on this website is not intended to represent an investment strategy and the facilitators are NOT attempting to give any sort of financial advice. All visitors / viewers of this website or videos, live presentations or any other communication with this website take full responsibility for all of their financial decisions and agree the information contained this site is based around what others have experienced and being a volatile and emerging market/s
There can be no assurance that any prior successes or results shown are only for demonstration purposes and cannot be used as as a guaranteed indication of any future performance.
As with any business endeavour, you, your partners, other parties, or company representatives will personally assume all the risk/s  involved and as a  consequence  we recommend that you seek professional advice before or when making decisions about any financial, tax, or business decisions.

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