Optimize Facebook Fan Page for SEO

Facebook has become increasingly a very important to any online businesses. Therefore it is also becoming a high priority to optimize facebook fan page. Usually with a personal page is unlikely for you to be able to be optimize facebook fan page for SEO. This is because facebook has the expectation that a fan pages represents real or expert knowledge that is true for the personality of your business.

Choose the best name of your facebook fan page

When choosing a good name it important choose a name which would include keywords that would suit the industry your involved with. What words will your clientele use when searching for you. Quizzes can  be quiet helpful in helping with your decision.

Simple keyword such as “buy keys, fix locks, install locks” are all too generic and with the increase in voice commands longer key word phrases are going to become more important.

Try not to add too many keyword phrases as this may make it more difficult for your fans to relate to your page. Remember you can always change your business name, keywords and keyword phrases if they are not working

Create an Custom URL

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