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directed acyclic graph technology

Dagcoin is a cryptocurrency that is built on the brand-new DAG-chain technology which gets faster and more secure with the growth of the usage. Dagcoin doesn’t need miners, so the transaction fees are kept low.

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This transaction based coin may be like Uber was to the Taxi industry, facebook to myspace etc

– DAG chain decentralized solution- fast transactions –  expandable chain – no miners required – eco friendly

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Start with the BEGINNER Package which is available for purchase for 100 Euro 

– Existing packages vary from time to time – the number of DAG coin offered on joining may change

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If you want to join in a big way then the packages below are well worth a look at

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What are the packages?

These are the different entry points which can be purchased in the back office
Euro amounts of Bitcoin
To get help in deciding the package you desire please contact us

What are the packages?

Becoming a member is free of cost. A member can then choose from different products:

The number of dagcoins received will vary from month to month dependant on the value of the dagcoin

Dagcoin has 8 packages:

    • Basic – €20 and receive 77 (was 155) dagcoins
    • Beginner – €100 and receive 385 (was 770) dagcoins
    • Booster – €250 and receive 962 (new package) dagcoins
    • Explorer – €500 and receive 1,924 (was 3,850) dagcoins
    • Advanced – €1,000 and receive 3,847 (was 7,700) dagcoins
    • Expert – €2,500 and receive 9,616 (was 19,235) dagcoins
    • Pro – €5,000 and receive 19,231 (was 38,465) dagcoins
    • Mentor – €12,500 and receive 48,077 (Was 96,155) dagcoins
    • Master – €25,000 and receive 96,154 (was 192,310) dagcoins

Note: The NUMBER OF DAGCOINS per packages falls as the VALUE of DAG COIN INCREASES 

If you buy a Dagcoin package, they go into escrow for 1, 2 or 3 years, meaning you cannot sell them. It is done to stabilize the market and emphasize the long-term vision. Depending on the time period you choose, there is an extra coin bonus. The longer the period the bigger the bonus.

DagCoin Merchant Opportunity 

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Article on DAG as seen on Forbes 

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